Full service property management for Portland, Maine and beyond

Investment Properties in greater Portland, Maine

Investment Properties in greater Portland, Maine

Whether you’re a first time real estate investor or an experienced property owner looking to add to your portfolio, Clarke Property Management can help. Our staff are uniquely qualified to help you find a property that matches your specific goals. Why use Clarke Property Management to help you find a Greater Portland Maine investment property? There are so many reasons!

How can we help you buy a Greater Portland Maine investment property?

It all comes down to experience. We see the rental market up close every single day. We’re locals who’ve been highly successful in investment real estate and property management since 2009. As a result, we’re well-positioned to provide valuable insight into Greater Portland’s rental market.

What can Clarke Property Management professionals offer?

Here’s what we provide prospective investors:

  • We’ll share with you which properties and locations in Greater Portland we know provide the most reliable return on investment.
  • We can help determine a fair market price for the property. We’ll be there to help you determine a fair price for a specific rental property.
  • We’ll calculate future income and operating expenses on a given property..
  • We have the tools to estimate the cost of making upgrades or repairs to your property. We’ll be able to determine how those upgrades will boost your property’s value and rental income. Our own skilled tradesmen will assist with property repairs and upgrades at any level you require — from minor repairs to overseeing a complete turnkey renovation. Our team will provide a detailed budget and timeline so you’ll know how soon to expect rental income from your property.

Our professional team will be there at every step in the process to help gather the information you’ll need to make a wise investment decision.

And there’s one more thing

Finally, there’s a extra bonus for you. We offer discounted property management fees for clients who buy Greater Portland Maine investment property through Clarke’s referral program. And that means more money in your pocket every month!

Our experience makes us a perfect partner in your search for a Greater Portland Maine investment property. We at Clarke Property Management are eager to share our success and help you find a property that best matches your personal goals. Let’s get started!

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