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Have you ever wanted to have real estate as part of your overall investment portfolio?  But, “DONT WANT TO BE A LANDLORD”!

Let Clarke Property Management in Westbrook, Maine help you navigate the process so you can add real estate to your current portfolio of traditional financial holdings.

  • Clarke Can Help You Find a property
  • Clarke Can help you Upgrade and maintain the building
  • Clarke Can help you Collect and account for the rent

Real Estate CAN be a passive investment with our help!

Since 2009, Clarke has provided the highest quality of service to customers looking for Property Management in Southern Maine.  We provide each and every customer with the same level of service that we’d want for ourselves.

How is Clarke different for Property Management in Portland Maine?

  • We have service providers on staff. Our painters, carpenters, and other tradesmen work directly for us (and only us). This means more timely service and huge savings on repairs, savings that we pass on to you.
  • We’re local. Owners Scott Smith and Kurt Smith grew up in Portland, Maine. They have deep roots in our community, and exemplify the trustworthiness and work ethic that comes along with being a native Mainer.
  • We know how to get quality tenants quickly.  We own and operate SouthernMaineRents.com, one of the most unique sites in Portland for finding an apartment.  Clarke tenants get preferred listing on Southern Maine Rents. This means that you can expect to get multiple applications for your vacancy quickly.
  • We know how to screen tenants. We run full background and credit checks on all applicants.  Therefore, you know you’ll get qualified tenants to occupy your units.
  • We know how to collect. Only Clarke allows renters to pay by credit card (in addition to check or cash).  As a result, you get paid on time, month after month.
  • We Stay up to date on the ever changing rental market in Portland and surrounding towns.  We can aid in navigating the sometimes confusing Portland unit registration process.

Can Clarke help me get started in investment property in Portland Maine?

Absolutely.  In addition to helping you manage your properties, Clarke has a licensed Maine realtor on staff! We currently manage over 100 unique rental units in the greater Portland area and we’d love to help you get started.  We can help pull all the pieces together for a new potential investor to get started in the exciting and sometimes overwhelming real estate investment world.

How can Clarke help me buy investment property in Southern Maine?

  • We can help identify a profitable property. It takes a few pieces of information to determine if a property is going to be profitable: purchase price, initial upgrades, regular monthly costs and rental income. Clarke is the only company in Maine that can help you put all this information together.  When we present a proposal to you for a property, you know what it’s going to cost to buy it, what it’s going to cost to improve it, and how much you’ll be able to rent it for.
  • We rehab properties in-house. Since we have the tradesmen you need to get your property in tip-top shape in-house, we’re able to closely manage both budget and timeline, therefore your property will be ready to produce income quickly.
  • Discounted management fees for properties purchased through Clarke. We offer a discount on our already low property management fees for any property you purchase through our team and channels. That means that month in, month out, when you get your rent check, you get to take home more money.

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Let Clarke help you determine the best rent your properties can command, and help you understand the current state of the Portland, Maine rental market.
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